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Bitcoin Derivatives Exchanges Register Record Trading Volumes

Cryptocurrency research firm Diar has indicated that institutional traders recently registered record high volumes on bitcoin (BTC) derivatives exchanges in a report published on May 21.Per the report, bitcoin derivatives trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) hit an all-time-high for two months in a row.Bitcoin derivatives trading volume

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Bitcoin (BTC) May Suffer if BitFinex Falls, Controls 5% of Trading Volumes

Bitcoin (BTC) stable above $5,200Resolving NY OAG and iFinex differences would be bullish for BTCThe company behind iFinex should quickly resolve their dispute with the New York Office of the AG before fines negatively affect BitFinex and Tether. In a cascade, hefty fines would dent the exchange’s reputation, and because

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Institutional Bitcoin Trading Volumes See Fourth Month of Growth, Diar Reports

Trading of institutional Bitcoin (BTC) investment products have seen growth for the fourth month running, and are rising against United States-based crypto exchanges as a percentage of total trading volume. The news was revealed in a new report from weekly crypto outlet Diar on April 8.Diar’s data reveals that

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