Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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U.S. Charges Against FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried Don’t Warrant Dismissal, Prosecutors Say

In early May, Bankman-Fried filed pretrial motions to dismiss most charges levied against him by U.S. prosecutors, with his defense arguing procedural issues, the irrelevance of some U.S. laws given FTX's non-U.S. location, and that the charges exceeded the agreed extradition terms. The motions did not seek to dismiss securities

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Biden strikes ‘tentative’ U.S. debt ceiling deal: Report

Amid growing concerns of a potential default by early June, the United States president Joe Biden and Republican Kevin McCarthy have reportedly reached an "agreement in principle" to raise the federal government's $31.4 trillion debt ceiling.According to a May 28 report from Reuters, citing two sources familiar with the negiotations, the "tentative"

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