Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Peter Schiff Says Bitcoin Still Has a Long Way to Fall — Values BTC at $10K – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

Economist and gold bug Peter Schiff says bitcoin still has a long way to fall after the collapse of crypto exchange FTX. He also believes that $10K is the real price of bitcoin, warning that “The lion’s share of the selling has not even started yet.” Schiff Predicts ‘Bitcoin Still Has

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Meaning of FTX Fall Depends on One’s Politics, US Senate Hearing Shows

The fallout of the FTX collapse has left U.S. lawmakers spinning two distinct narratives: Democrats hail their financial regulators as heroes whose caution saved the disaster from threatening the wider financial system, and Republicans argue it proves resistant agencies chased crypto firms away from the U.S. and into dangerous, unregulated

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FTX’s Fall Will Lift the Next Generation of Bitcoin Maximalists

Bitcoiners certainly take up a few unapologetic, uncompromising stances. Tomer Strolight, editor in chief at Swan Bitcoin, has argued that bitcoin maximalists’ perceived toxicity is really just principled opposition. When maximalists criticize centralized crypto exchanges, curse the altcoin ecosystem or call creators of new tokens scam artists, they are actually

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