Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Amazon Dismissing Additional 9,000 Employees, Extending Its Record Layoff

Amazon is reducing costs and headcounts, considering the “uncertainty that exists in the near future” and the unstable economy. E-commerce giant Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has announced the additional layoff of 9,000 workers extending its recent record job cuts. The company announced in January that it would dismiss some staff, no less

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Crypto investment products see largest outflows on record amid SVB collapse

Cryptocurrency investment products lost 10% of assets under management last week as institutional investors rushed for the exit during the latest episode of market volatility prompted by the Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank collapses.Digital asset investment products registered $255 million in outflows for the week ending March 12, marking the

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Silvergate terminates crypto payments network as shares plunge to record low

Crypto bank Silvergate has discontinued its digital assets’ payment network because it is a “risk-based decision.” The announcement comes after the bank’s stock fell over 59% last week due to fears of a potential bankruptcy. Silvergate terminates exchange network Silvergate announced on its website on Mar. 4 that it had closed the Silvergate

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