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Bitcoin Derivatives Exchanges Register Record Trading Volumes

Cryptocurrency research firm Diar has indicated that institutional traders recently registered record high volumes on bitcoin (BTC) derivatives exchanges in a report published on May 21.Per the report, bitcoin derivatives trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) hit an all-time-high for two months in a row.Bitcoin derivatives trading volume

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CME Group’s Net Income Falls 17% in Q1 Amid Record BTC Futures Trading Volume in April

United States derivative market CME Group has reported a 17% fall in net income for the first quarter, according to a news release on May 1.Despite revenues rising over the three-month period, earnings stood at $497 million, compared with $599 million this time a year ago.CME Group chairman and chief executive

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Bitcoin Buy Volume Reaches Record High on Binance, Intense Demand

The Bitcoin trading volume on Binance established a historic high as the asset price jumped more than 15-percent within an hour.The global cryptocurrency exchange posted its best four-hour timeframe volume statistics this Tuesday, reporting as high as 49,103 buy orders alongside 5,655 sell orders. The latest upside wave broke the

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