Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Bitcoin whales are betting $40K isn’t the top as data hints bull run is only beginning

Bitcoin (BTC) whales clearly expect massive price rises in future as the number of wallets containing over 1,000 BTC ($35 million) hits an all-time high.Data from on-chain analytics resource Glassnode confirms that as of Jan. 20, there were in excess of 2,400 large-balance wallets.Whale wallets hit record highsIn 2021 alone,

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Bitcoin whales are profiting as ‘weak hands’ sell BTC throughout $40K bull run

Bitcoin (BTC) is changing hands fast after its drop to $32,000 and only millionaires are winning, data shows.Statistics governing wallet balances from Glassnode on Jan. 11 reveal that the main investors “buying the dip” are those with a balance in excess of 1,000 BTC ($36 million)."Millionaire" wallets keep growingCompiled by

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Bitcoin undervalued sub-$20K, says new report as BTC mimics 2017 bull run

Bitcoin (BTC) investors have “not long” to accumulate before a continuation of the bull run past $20,000, a new report says.Released on Dec. 10, the Weekly Report from Asian crypto fund provider Stack Funds predicts that one indicator in particular will follow historical precedent and propel Bitcoin higher.Report: You can

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