Monday, May 27, 2024
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SSV.Network Partners with to Roll Out Distributed Validator Technology for Staking

SSV.Network is on the verge of completing its mainnet launch. Once achieved, it will pave the way for a wider rollout of its DVT implementation. Ethereum staking infrastructure protocol SSV.Network has unveiled a major partnership with, the non-custodial provider of institutional staking. The deal will see integrate the DVT

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Google Cloud is now a validator on the Polygon network

Polygon Labs announced on Sept. 29 that Google Cloud has joined the Polygon proof-of-stake network as a validator. Google Cloud joins over 100 other validators verifying transactions on its layer-2 Ethereum network. This month, @GoogleCloud became part of the decentralized validator set for Polygon PoS.The same infrastructure used to power @YouTube

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One Year After ‘The Merge’, Developers Tackle Validator Sprawl with EIP-7514

CROWD CONTROL: Ethereum has been so successful in attracting new validators for its proof-of-stake blockchain that the network is now starting to suffer from sprawl. There are nearly 800,000 active validators on the network, up about 41% since April’s “Shapella” upgrade, when withdrawals of staked ETH were first allowed, according

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