Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Coinbase and top execs face securities class action over Nasdaq listing

A Coinbase shareholder has filed a securities class action against Coinbase for allegedly misleading investors ahead of its public listing about the company’s financial state and resilience as a crypto trading platform.Filed by law firm Scott + Scott in California Northern District Court on Thursday, the class action names Coinbase

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Top Bitcoin Mining Pools Signals for Taproot Upgrade Ahead of August 11 Deadline

The upcoming Taproot Bitcoin upgrade was proposed to enhance the network scripting capabilities and also the privacy aspect. Major Bitcoin mining pools have signaled for the Taproot system upgrade scheduled to take place during the second half of the year. Should the upgrade take place, it would be the largest system

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Several Top Brands Tap Telos for Building Real-World Blockchain Applications

Compared to the “big blockchains” on the market, Telos differentiates itself across multiple segments. With a transaction per second throughput of 10,000 TX, it scores much higher than other ecosystems.The blockchain ecosystem has grown more competitive than ever before. Numerous chains are competing for traction, yet it is always worthwhile

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