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New Indicators Show Bitcoin Gearing Up For Short-Term Rally

The GTI Global Strength Technical Indicator for Bitcoin is suggesting that Bitcoin’s price could be stabilizing and could even be heading towards a short-term rally, Bloomberg reported on January 22, 2019. Bitcoin’s Price Approaches Oversold Despite the overwhelmingly negative predictions made about the cryptocurrency market, it seems that the new year has

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Bitcoin (BTC) Boom Was An “Anomaly,” Yet Crypto Indicators Are Still Bullish

Bloomberg Journalist Bashes Bitcoin For Being Correlated Yesterday, Sonny Singh, the chief commercial officer of fintech startup Bitpay, sat down with Bloomberg Opinion’s Stephen Gandel and host Emily Chang to talk about the Bitcoin price. In a debate-esque style, Gandel and Singh bounced ideas off each other, with both ballyhooing their

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Various Technical Indicators are Showing Bitcoin is Severely Oversold

Williams %R, a technical analysis oscillator that demonstrates oversold or overbought conditions of an asset, is demonstrating highly oversold conditions for Bitcoin. As Olga Kharif at Bloomberg reported, the Williams Percent Range (WPR) of Bitcoin is hovering at around -83 percent. In WPR, -80 to -100 percent is considered oversold and

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