Monday, May 27, 2024
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Binance onboarded millions into finance but forgot the paperwork — Columbia professor

Recent events surrounding the crypto exchange Binance sparked significant debate about the United States’ crackdown on crypto firms. According to Omid Malekan, adjunct professor at Columbia Business School and author, the Department of Justice’s approach in the case is very different from what is seen in traditional finance.“People who sincerely

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Media Reported Hamas Got Millions Via Crypto, but Elliptic Says The Data Was Misconstrued

"The most prominent public crypto fundraising campaign has been operated by Gaza Now, a pro-Hamas news organization," according to Elliptic. "However, only $21,000 in cryptocurrency has been donated since October 7th, and thanks to the efforts of crypto businesses and researchers, much of this has been frozen." Source

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Blackrock Bitcoin ETF Hopes Pumps Bitcoin (BTC) Prices, BTC Bears Lose Hundreds of Millions

“Bitcoin has also been encouraged by possible ETF approval and an increasing number of ETF submissions by leading companies,” shared Lucy Hu, senior trader at Metalpha, in a message last week. “(With the) Bitcoin ETF approval and halving event in April, the crypto market could kickstart a very robust bull

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