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Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) At $3,000 Looks “Symmetrical” To $20,000 Top, Reversal Possible

Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin Chart Resembles $20,000 Top Bitcoin Bravado trader, Jack “Sparrow,” recently took to his Twitter page to tout a recent bit of analysis he completed that could indicate that the broader crypto market is finally nearing a bottom. Jack, asking if Bitcoin has begun to reverse, noted that BTC’s

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Bitcoin Price Forming Doji to Signal Potential Trend Reversal

Bitcoin price on Tuesday reached a session high on Coinbase at $3,586 but remained in the fears of a potential reversal action overall. Bitcoin/Dollar 1D CHARTS | SOURCE: COINBASE, TRADINGVIEW.COMAhead of the US session so far, bitcoin’s opening and closing positions today have remained very close to one another, as indicated

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