Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Bitcoin Price Back Above $11,000 as Dip ‘Consistent’ With Parabolic Bull Run

Bitcoin (BTC) corrected as low as $10,380 before rebounding above $11,000 on June 27 as commentators remain highly bullish about the market’s potential.Market visualization courtesy of Coin360Data from Coin360 showed the bitcoin price dipping down from recent highs of $13,800 in a pullback many had anticipated. BTC/USD gained rapidly throughout

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Could Coinbase’s Market Disruption Be the Reason for Bitcoin’s Price Dip?

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange recording over $1 million Bitcoin trading volume, experienced a few minutes site crash. Bitcoin price concurrently plunges afterward within a period of 24 hours.As of Wednesday, the 26th day of June, at around the 4:45 ET circa 20:45 UTC, Coinbase, US leading crypto exchange recording over

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