Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Major Investment Bank Oppenheimer Bullish on Bitcoin, Highlights Instead of Gold

U.S. investment bank Oppenheimer’s analyst says gold is “extended” and has “run up a bit,” bringing attention to bitcoin instead. He sees the cryptocurrency reversing its downtrend from the $20K peak, benefiting from the dollar’s weakness.Oppenheimer Analyst on Bitcoin vs GoldAri Wald, head of technical analysis at Oppenheimer, a

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Bitcoin Fees Skyrocket 590% Since Mid-June – Supporters Think Mempool Size Is ‘Bullish’

Bitcoin fees have grown much larger in recent days spiking to a two-month high to $3.80 per network transaction. The crypto asset’s fees have jumped 590% since June 14 and the mempool (transaction backlog) has grown significantly.Digital currency markets have been extremely bullish lately as bitcoin (BTC) touched a

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Despite Stock Market Disaster Predictions, Bitcoin Markets Permeate Bullish Signals

A number of Wall Street veterans like Bear Traps Report author, Larry McDonald, think that markets might see some “disastrous and unimaginable” impacts in the near future. Another seasoned analyst, Larry Williams, believes the S&P 500 will shudder after July 28. Despite the pending doom edging toward traditional stock

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