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CEO of Chinese Mining Firm MicroBT Is Arrested After Bitmain’s Infringement Allegations

China’s Shenzhen Police has arrested Zuoxing Yang, known as the CEO and founder of MicroBT, a Bitcoin(BTC)trade mining equipment manufacturer based in China. According to the city police, Mr. Yang has been held to assist the investigators regarding a dispute between MicroBT and Bitmain in which the latter accuses the

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Bitmain Chip Supplier Faces Infringement Lawsuits From Competitor

TSMC, the world’s largest independent semiconductor foundry and chip supplier for Bitmain, is facing multiple lawsuits from its competitor GlobalFoundries (GF).Alleged patent infringement GF, the second biggest semiconductor foundry by sales after TSMC, filed several lawsuits in the United States and Germany, accusing Taiwanese TSMC of infringing on 16 GF

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