Monday, May 27, 2024
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Universal Music Group sues Anthropic AI over copyright infringement

Universal Music Group (UMG), Concord Publishing and ABKCO Music & Records have filed a lawsuit against the artificial intelligence (AI) startup Anthropic on accusations of the latter committing copyright infringement in training its AI chatbot Claude.The lawsuit was filed on Oct. 18 and claims that Anthropic “unlawfully” copied and disseminated

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AI music sending traditional industry into ‘panic,’ says new AI music platform CEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various industries across the globe. However, the conflict between its usefulness and its ability to infringe on intellectual property (IP) has been a particular struggle in the creative industries.Major players in the music industry, from artists and record labels to institutions like

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How can the synergy of AI and blockchain disrupt the music industry?

The synergy of AI and blockchain can revolutionize the music industry by enhancing artists' creative capabilities while preserving transparency and fair revenue distribution among creators. AI is increasingly being used as a tool for creating new songs or imitating existing music content.  That is why distinguishing human-generated music from AI-generated content is

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