Friday, February 23, 2024
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Nigeria and UK foundation launch Code Clubs for digital literacy

The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy, has entered into a partnership with a UK-based computing education charity, Raspberry Pi Foundation, to launch Code Clubs across Nigeria.The initiative is crafted for students aged 7 to 17, and the Code Clubs represent a series

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Decentralized Crypto Exchange DYdX Open Sources ‘V4’ Code in Preparation to Leave Ethereum

“I think it's a really exciting moment, to take something that in DeFi that already has a product market fit, where there is a billion dollars traded on average on dYdX every day, and fully decentralize it on a fundamentally new technology stack,” Antonio Juliano, dYdX’s Trading founder and CEO,

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CertiK, Blockchain Code Auditor, Makes ‘Strategic Workforce Adjustment’ of 15%

“In response to evolving market dynamics, CertiK undertook a strategic workforce adjustment today, impacting fewer than 15% of our colleagues," according to an emailed statement from co-founder and CEO Ronghui Gu. "Our primary aim is to recalibrate our team structure to better align with our long-term strategic aspirations. CertiK remains

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