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Lightning network vulnerability discovered, upgrade immediately

Lightning network node operators running LND versions prior to the Oct. 1 version 0.11 upgrade have been urged to upgrade immediately after a vulnerability was discovered affecting LND versions 0.10 and below.The vulnerability was made public in an Oct. 9 announcement from Lightning engineer Conner Fromknecht, Head of Cryptographic Engineering

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Another Bitcoin Lightning Startup Is Working With Visa to ‘Fast Track’ Card Payments

Last month, Bitcoin Lightning startup Strike announced  it would be working with the world payment giant Visa. Now, another startup in the same vein, LastBit, which just launched its app in beta, will be going through the same Visa Fast Track program.  This partnership will eventually make it possible for users

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Ready to Wumbo: LND Enables More, Larger Bitcoin Transactions on Lightning

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network has reached a significant milestone. An important capacity limit meant to protect users of the nascent protocol is being tweaked, toppling a barrier to entry for companies looking to adopt the novel payment system.  LND, a leading Lightning Network implementation from startup Lightning Labs, has announced it has

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