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Bitcoin Breaks $200 Billion Market Cap, Analysts Set ‘$100,000’ Price Target

Bitcoin price gained a further 6% over the last 24-hour trading period, hitting $11,350 pushing the wider cryptocurrency market higher. Mosts analysts agree that Bitcoin is taking “aim” at $100,000.On June 25, Bitcoin (BTC) set a new 15-month record high price and it seems that this largest cryptocurrency does not

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Visa Set to Join the Expanding Field of Blockchain-Based International Payment Providers

Visa has launched a payment system for business-to-business (B2B) transactions partially based on blockchain technology. The United States payment behemoth says its platform, called Visa B2B Connect, offers seamless cross-border payment processing for institutional clients without going through the complex web of third-party intermediaries.In doing so, Visa becomes the latest entrant into the

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Venezuelans Set Bitcoin Trading Record amid Crumbling Hyperinflation

According to data released by crypto monitoring website Coin Dance for the week ending June 15, 2019, economically troubled country Venezuela witnessed all-time high bitcoin (BTC) trading activity on P2P exchange platform Localbitcoins. Venezuelans Turn to Bitcoin to Battle Hyperinflation Venezuela is one of the few countries in the world that has

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