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Pantera Capital’s Crypto Hedge Funds Are Losing Double Digits, But Its Bitcoin Fund Is Up 10,000% to Date

Heavy losses are rocking alternative crypto-asset funds at Pantera Capital, one of the oldest cryptocurrency investment managers, and providing stark contrast to its bitcoin fund’s gains.Pantera Capital’s flagship bitcoin fund – a fund holding bitcoin (BTC) since 2013 and bitcoin cash (BCH) since 2017 – lost 75.6% in 2018 and

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PewDiePie Took His Wife on The Weirdest Valentine’s Day Date Ever

PewDiePie isn’t exactly the smoothest guy on Earth. But couldn’t Felix not be weird, just once all year, for Valentine’s Day? Instead Kjellberg had to go and make Cupid’s birthday all about his weird obsession with aquariums. Poor Marzia! PewDiePie’s wife posted Instagram photos of her weirdest Valentine’s Day date ever with Felix.

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Libra Launch Date in Doubt Following Comments From Mark Zuckerberg

Libra’s proposed 2020 launch date has been thrown into doubt after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg refused to put a definitive timeframe on the project. Contradicting Reports on Libra Launch Speaking to Nikkei, Zuckerberg was asked about the expected launch date of Libra, to which he replied: “Obviously we want to move forward at

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