Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Bitcoin Price Will Be Golden in 2020 Thanks to Limited Supply, Increasing Use: Bloomberg Report

Increasing global uncertainties and a weak dollar will likely push more investors into bitcoin as it becomes recognized as a store of value. The cryptocurrency's fixed supply will further drive price increases throughout the year, Bloomberg analysts predict. Bloomberg's 2020 crypto outlook report, published Monday, predicts bitcoin's price could move

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Mike Mayo of Wells Fargo Says ‘We Are Living in the Golden Decade of Banks and Technology’

Wells Fargo analyst Mike Mayo announced during a Dec. 30 CNBC news segment that “this is the golden decade of banks and technology.”Mayo explained that while the 1990’s had record bank consolidation (banking businesses merge with each other), systems were never integrated. He then explains that in the “aughts” decade

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Win a Lamborghini With Leading Bitcoin Faucet’s Golden Ticket Contest

Noone can deny the fact that the legendary Lamborghini, as a world widely known car brand, stands for prestige and guarantees high visual status for its drivers. In the recent years of cryptocyrrency revolution, the luxury brand of Lamborghini has become the emblem of success for many crypto enthusiasts,

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