Monday, September 16, 2019
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Win a Lamborghini With Leading Bitcoin Faucet’s Golden Ticket Contest

Noone can deny the fact that the legendary Lamborghini, as a world widely known car brand, stands for prestige and guarantees high visual status for its drivers. In the recent years of cryptocyrrency revolution, the luxury brand of Lamborghini has become the emblem of success for many crypto enthusiasts,

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Don’t Believe Golden Asteroid Story, Bitcoin Bulls Pushing FUD

Bitcoin, The Best Store of Value? For the longest time, Bitcoin pioneers have been pushing the cryptocurrency as an alternative to the United States Dollar and other fiat monies.While many technologists and prominent investors, even Elon Musk, have agreed to the sentiment that cryptocurrencies are the future, a world in which government-issued

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Survey Says Sell? Just 43% Believe ‘Golden Cross’ is Bullish for Bitcoin

By CCN: Not everyone is convinced that Bitcoin’s highly-touted “golden cross” is a bullish signal for the world’s largest cryptocurrency.Almost 25% of Crypto Investors Believe Golden Cross is Bearish for BitcoinAccording to a Twitter survey conducted by crypto bull Thomas Lee, 24% of Crypto Twitter inhabitants believe that the signal,

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