Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Google Trends Data Reveals Searches for ‘Banking Crisis,’ ‘Bank Runs,’ Skyrocket – Bitcoin News

Interest in the U.S. banking crisis has risen greatly over the past two weeks, as shown by Google Trends data. There has been a sharp increase in queries related to search terms such as “banking crisis,” “bank collapse,” and “bank failure.” On March 13, 2023, the search term “banking crisis”

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‘CryptoGPT’ Twitter accounts spring up as hashtag trends on Twitter

A Twitter hashtag relating to a purported artificial intelligence (AI) crypto token called “CryptoGPT” has been trending on Twitter. Alongside it, a number of very similar-looking Twitter accounts have also sprung up — some of which have been touting likely fake giveaways.As of the time of writing, “Download CryptoGPT” is

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M-Ventures Partner Leo Zhao’s Speech on 2023 Trends and Opportunities in Web3

The need for better transparency and compliance with laid down rules will be critical in 2023.In a recent speech, Leo Zhao, a venture partner of M-Ventures which is MEXC, a global cryptocurrency exchange, talked about the various opportunities and prospects the cryptocurrency market could provide for institutions in 2023.Leo explored

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