Friday, December 9, 2022
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Crypto Exchange Bybit Spends $3.8M on Bithumb Shareholder T-Scientific’s Convertible Debt

Singapore-based Bybit bought almost a third of the 16 billion won of convertible debt T-Scientific issued at the end of last month. T-Scientific (057680) is listed on the South Korean stock exchange. Convertible debt is a fixed-income security that pays interest, but can be converted into equity under certain conditions. Original

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Bitcoin Miner Stronghold Digital Bolsters Balance Sheet by Cutting Costs, Slashing Debt by More Than 60%

The end of Stronghold's deal with Northern Data will eliminate all profit sharing obligations, which it estimates would have been $10 million-$25 million (depending on the price of bitcoin) until September 2024, according to a statement on Friday. The cash outflow under the previous deal would be about 35% of

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TrueFi’s $4M Bad Debt in Limbo Shows Risk of Crypto Lending Without Collateral

"Defaults are ordinary course in this asset class and critically important to refining risk parameters and pricing over time," Roshan Dharia, head of lending at Archblock, a core TrueFi contributor which oversees borrower relationships on the protocol, told CryptoX. "We have historically been heavily focused on borrower counterparty risk, asset

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