Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Is it altseason? Altcoin 30-day performance and total market cap flash bullish

A wave of green has washed across the entire crypto market, and it won’t be long before traders on X (the social platform formerly known as Twitter) begin to explain that a new altcoins season has arrived. Altcoin season, or ‘altseason’ as the crypto bros say, typically measures the rallying of

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Shift Towards Holding Long-Term; 68.5% of Total Circulating Bitcoin Supply Remains Untouched – Blockchain News, Opinion, TV and Jobs

By Matteo Greco, Research Analyst at the publicly listed digital asset and fintech investment business Fineqia International (CSE:FNQ).  Analysing BTC supply, approximately 68.5% of the total circulating supply has remained untouched for at least one year, nearing its highest level. Additionally, BTC’s hashrate, indicating the computational power on the blockchain network, has reached an all-time

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Singapore Police report higher total involved in money laundering case

The Singapore Police Force is planning to take further action in response to the largest money laundering case in the country. Currently, cryptocurrencies valued at $26 million have already been seized in relation to the case. Major seizures It was reported in August that Singaporean authorities apprehended 10 foreign individuals, between the ages of 31

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