Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Curve founder repays Aave loan, still owes $42m to defi lenders

Michael Egorov, the co-founder of Curve Finance, has completely settled his debt on Aave after depositing 68 million CRV, equivalent to approximately $35 million, to Silo. Egorov withdrew 10.7 million of crvUSD, Curve’s decentralized stablecoin, from the non-custodial lending protocol following his CRV deposit, according to on-chain analytics provider, Lookonchain. After

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Quantstamp introduces tool to detect protocols’ flash loan attack vulnerability

Blockchain security provider Quantstamp has launched an automated service to detect flash loan attack vectors in smart contracts. The new service is being called Economic Exploit Analysis and is based on research done at the University of Toronto.  Economic Exploit Analysis will be available to protocols, whether they have been

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