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Iran Ditches Rial in Hyperinflation Crisis — Bitcoin Demand Rises

Ravaged by crippling hyperinflation, Iran’s Parliament has sanctioned the redenomination of its fiat — the rial — by replacing it with a new currency called the toman. According to the plan, each toman will be worth 10,000 rials.The redenomination plan effectively removes four place values (four zeros) from the Iranian

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Global Economic Crisis Spurs Crypto-Comeback, CEO Says

Although coronavirus conditions have created global economic difficulties, cryptocurrencies could see growth amid the struggle, according to one blockchain incubator's head."Short-term: digital currencies suddenly look appealing," Polyient Labs CEO Brad Robertson told Cryptox in a May 1 email. "If someone only looked back at the last two weeks, they might think

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First Mover: Capitalism’s Biggest Crisis Isn’t Driving People to Bitcoin – It’s the Volatility

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”The opening line to Charles Dickens’ "A Tale of Two Cities" provides an apt-enough description of the moment crypto investors now find themselves in as the coronavirus takes a devastating toll on the global economy, raising ugly questions about

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