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Bitcoin Safe Haven Asset Status Assured Amid Changing Investment Demographic

Cryptocurrency trader Murad Mahmudov says bitcoin will be the biggest winner amid the changing tide developing in the investment scene. Mahmudov’s tweet is the latest in a growing trend of endorsements for the top-ranked cryptocurrency as a haven asset. Meanwhile, the monetary policies of governments and central banks across the

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Crypto PIVX Denies Vulnerability Allegations, Says Users’ Funds Are Safe

Developers of the private transactions cryptocurrency PIVX replied to crypto consulting firm Lunar Digital Assets regarding claims its blockchain was vulnerable to a bug. In a reply published on Aug. 13, PIVX developers addressed claims made by Lunar Digital Assets CEO Han Yoon. They argued that there has been no

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Bitcoin Safe Haven Sucking in Money From China, Says Blockchain Executive

Bitcoin (BTC) really does function as a safe haven asset in 2019, another source has told mainstream media as the United States-China trade war rages.Bitcoin increasingly important amid economic uncertaintySpeaking to Forbes in an interview on Aug. 8, Chris Reinertsen, chief marketing officer of blockchain consultancy Rhythm Technologies, said

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