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BitMEX Research Finds ‘Potential Bug’ in Syncing of Ethereum Parity Full Node

The research arm of major cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX has revealed in a blog post on Wednesday, March 13, that its Ethereum Parity full node contains a “potential bug.”The alleged bug was discovered while analyzing data from Nodestats.org — BitMEX Research’s new website designed to collect key metrics on

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White Hat Hackers Earned $878,000 from Crypto Bug Bounties in 2018, Data Shows

White hat hackers have been awarded $878,000 in bug bounties this year, technology news website TheNextWeb reports on Dec. 30.Bug bounties are a type of competition in which companies that develop software invite hackers to break their software and responsibly disclose the vulnerabilities, so they are able to fix them

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Monero Bug Would Have Let Attackers ‘Burn’ Crypto Exchange Deposits

The developers of privacy-centric cryptocurrency monero have patched a bug that would have allowed an attacker to cause significant damage to cryptocurrency exchanges and XMR-friendly merchants. Now-Patched Monero Bug Put Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Merchants at Risk Addressed through a software patch privately distributed to exchanges and merchant and later publicly disclosed through a

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