Friday, September 30, 2022
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Xiden Developer CryptoDATA Announces New Project to Defend the Crypto Space From Asset Losses – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. CryptoDATA Tech, the Xiden blockchain developer and MotoGP Austrian Grand Prix’s title sponsor until 2024, is joining a new project that provides highly sought-after safeguards for crypto users. CryptoDATA Tech is partnering with Martoms Brothers & Co and several reinsurance companies to create a mutual guarantee

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Crypto Economy Loses $102 Billion in 30 Days — BTC, SOL Shed the Most Losses – Market Updates Bitcoin News

A great deal of digital currencies are down in value during the last 30 days and the worst performing crypto out of the top ten coins with the largest market valuations was solana, losing 19.12% against the U.S. dollar. Bitcoin was the second biggest loser in the top ten, as

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