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Bitcoin’s Rivalry With Gold Plus Millennial Interest Gives It ‘Considerable’ Upside Potential: JPMorgan

Bitcoin has proven itself to be a risk asset, not a safe haven, with “considerable” potential upside, according to a Friday note from JPMorgan’s Global Quantitative and Derivatives Strategy team obtained by CryptoX.Writing to clients in “Flows & Liquidity,” one of JPMorgan’s flagship publications, the authors said that characterizing bitcoin

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Fool’s gold? Peter Schiff’s bank under investigation in tax evasion probe

This morning, millionaire broker and noted Bitcoin skeptic Peter Schiff awoke to find his bank under renewed scrutiny due to an international criminal investigation. According to reporting from Australian newspaper The Age and The New York Times, the J5 -- a joint task force of tax authorities from major Western governments

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Is Bitcoin More Correlated to Stocks or Gold?

According to analyst Lyn Alden, the answer depends on bitcoin’s own cycle.For more episodes and free early access before our regular 3 p.m. Eastern time releases, subscribe with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocketcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Stitcher, RadioPublica, iHeartRadio or RSS. Subscribe to Blockchain Bites, our daily update with the latest stories.SubscribeBy signing up, you will receive emails about CryptoX products and you agree

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