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Central bank digital currency could ‘threaten’ Bitcoin says CZ

Changpeng Zhao, the enigmatic chief executive of Binance, believes a central bank digital currency that’s designed well enough could become a threat to Bitcoin. In a video interview with Fortune senior writer Jeff Roberts, he was asked how the People’s Bank of China’s digital yuan initiative would affect the crypto industry.

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Major Meeting of Central Banks Produces Same Old ‘Evaluating’ CBDCs Refrain

Central bankers continued to evaluate the merits, or lack thereof, of a digital currency (CBDC), explaining that digital innovation has its benefits but policy considerations abound during a panel discussion hosted by the International Monetary Fund on Monday. The panel, featuring Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell; Bank Negara Malaysia Governor Nor

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The rivalry between central banks and global stablecoins, Oct. 9–16

Editor’s noteBlockchain technology has attracted regulatory attention since its inception. The security of the Bitcoin network despite the value of BTC in play has consistently proved the resilience of blockchain technology in maintaining records across a vast range of parties. However, many countries have determined that Bitcoin doesn’t behave as

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