Sunday, September 15, 2019
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Crypto Firms in the Netherlands to be Regulated by Dutch Central Bank

The Dutch central bank has notified that it will start regulating companies that are providing cryptocurrency services in the Netherlands beginning from January 10, 2020.In an announcement that was released this Tuesday, the De Nederlandsche Bank has made it clear that crypto firms serving in the Netherlands for the exchange

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State-Issued Cryptocurrency Is Now Priority for China’s Central Bank

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) – China’s central bank, which is in charge of overseeing the development of an official state-issued cryptocurrency – apparently plans on intensifying tits work behind the scenes to ensure the cryptocurrency arrives here soon.You will recall that China’s government has been hinting on this

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Facebook Libra Would ‘Discipline’ Weak Economies: Ex Japan Central Banker

Any country seeing widespread use of Facebook’s proposed Libra digital currency could find that its central bank monetary policy is severely undermined. This is the view of Hiromi Yamaoka, former Bank of Japan executive, who oversaw research into digital currencies for the organization.“The emergence of Libra would pressure policymakers

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