Friday, December 9, 2022
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EverEarn Ethereum Blockchain Public Presale With USDC Rewards – Press release Bitcoin News

press release PRESS RELEASE. As if the cryptoverse needed more reasons for people to be fearful, both FTX and BlockFi rocked cryptocurrency blockchains and investors alike, sending prices spiraling, blockchains congesting, and investors hunkering down for more ‘crypto-winter’. But amidst this uncertainty, crypto investors now risk missing out on opportunities while

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Circle Starts Moving USDC Reserves Into a Blackrock-Managed Fund, Firm Expects to Be ‘Fully Transitioned’ Next Year – Bitcoin News

According to the crypto firm Circle Internet Financial, the company is “deepening” its partnership with the world’s largest asset manager Blackrock. Circle disclosed that it has started to transfer USDC reserves into a Blackrock-managed fund that’s registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Circle Deepens Relationship With the World’s

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MakerDAO community votes to approve custody of $1.6B USDC with Coinbase

Institutional prime broker platform for crypto assets Coinbase Prime announced on Oct 24th that it had entered into a partnership with MakerDAO — the largest single holder of USDC — to become a custodian of $1.6 billion worth of the stablecoin.The MakerDAO community voted to approve this custodianship which will

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