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Bitcoin Usage Shrinks 80% Across Payment Processors as Interest Wanes

As investor confidence in the long-term validity of Bitcoin being adopted by the mainstream as a means of payment and exchange fades, so has its real-world usage as such.Bitcoin’s Real-World Usage as Means of Payment in DeclineBitcoin was created by the mysterious person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto 10

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Regium Solves Data Usage Royalties With Easy-To-Build Blockchain DApps

The Cayman Islands-based Regium, an upcoming EOS protocol for digital asset management, just announced its continuous compensation and recursive incentive distribution models for decentralized apps developers and digital asset owners. The announced models are expected to help owners gain enhanced data security and control, guarantee usage-based compensation, and allow for

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China Launches Licensed Blockchain ‘Pilot Zone’ to Further Tech Usage

China’s Hainan Province became the host of the country’s “first” officially licensed “‘blockchain pilot zone” Monday, Oct. 8, China’s official state-run press agency Xinhua reports.With its base at the Hainan Resort Software Community (RSC), a dedicated tech space and software park, the pilot zone incorporates several partnerships, chief among which

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