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Bitcoin Miners Will Use Derivatives Like Traditional Commodity Producers

Bitcoin (BTC) mining has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Pools, manufacturers and farms contribute to the growth and professionalization of the space. Financial service companies bring institutional-grade products and capital that increases liquidity for the biggest operators.There’s a fundamental shortage of United States dollars available relative to the overall demand when

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Lawsuit Claims Nvidia Misrepresented $1B in Sales to Crypto Miners

An amended class action complaint filed against Nvidia Corp has accused the firm of violating the Securities Exchange Act by downplaying the extent to which its gaming revenues relied on GPU sales to cryptocurrency miners.The complaint, filed May 14, claims that Nvidia issued deliberately misleading statements that understated more than

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Market Wrap: Some Miners Face an Uncertain Future Despite Rising Bitcoin Price

Despite a post-halving rise in bitcoin’s price Wednesday, the current value may not be enough to keep less-efficient miners operating, and that could shift market dynamics. At press time, bitcoin (BTC) was trading up 2.3% over 24 hours at $9,106. The world’s first cryptocurrency is trading above its 10-day and 50-day

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