Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Blockchain Caste Certificates Get Delivered to Tribal Groups in Remote Indian Area

Caste certificates, critical to India's targeted welfare schemes, in one district where tribals are 80% of the population, will be distributed today. The crypto project is the brainchild of Shubham Gupta, 28, an officer of the extremely-difficult-to-qualify-for Indian Administrative Services, who use to work in his father's shoe shop in

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US Tribal Nation-Backed Economic Zone Passes Rules Defining Digital Assets

“Now that we have clear digital asset definitions established, a milestone that many governments have still failed to achieve, we can move forward. The zone can quickly pass thorough and comprehensive frameworks for the regulation of DAOs, stablecoins and other facets of the Web3 space that are currently poorly defined

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Plataforma de pagos B2B Tribal completa venta de tokens por $41 millones

La compañía cerró una venta privada de su token TRIBL por $22.7 millones con firmas como SoftBank Latin America Funds, Shima Capital, Coinbase Ventures y CoinList Ventures, entre otras. Tribal además vendió tokens por $18.3 millones en CoinList el 24 de marzo, añadiendo cerca de 42.000 titulares únicos, según informó en

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