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Cumberland Crypto OTC Desk Reports Spike in Large-Scale BTC Trades Within One Hour

Cumberland, the Chicago-based cryptocurrency trading unit of DRW Holdings LLC, reported a sharp, sudden spike in large-scale Bitcoin (BTC) transactions the evening of Monday, April 1. The company revealed the data in a tweet on April 4.The series of thirteen orders that the trading desk tracked all exceeded 1,000

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New Platform Enables Trades Across 200 Tools and Runs Educational Crypto Show

A cross-market platform called LH-Crypto says its service gives traders the opportunity to transact across a plethora of cryptocurrencies and 200 other financial instruments — including forex on fiat currencies, precious metals, shares and commodities.Its beta version also enables users to participate in margin trading — a feature that it says

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Stock Market Trades Sideways, Analysts Believe Strong Chance of Rally in 2019

The stock market is currently experiencing a sideways trading session, with all of the major benchmarks trading down slightly. Although the markets have seen unprecedented volatility towards the end of 2018, analysts still have lofty expectations for how some major stocks will perform in 2019.Their bullish views on the future

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