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JP Morgan Analyst Admits Institutions are Behind the Bitcoin Bull Run

An analyst associated with the US multinational bank JP Morgan Chase has admitted that institutional investors are behind the ongoing bitcoin price boom.Bloomberg quoted Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou saying that the market hugely understated the importance of the listed bitcoin futures contracts, mostly because of the overstating of trading volumes by cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Institutions are Paying Attention to Bitcoin, Sentiment is Changing

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano is back at it again with his relentless attempts to convince institutions, high net-worth individuals, and the public at large to delve into cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC). As many on Crypto Twitter would say, Pomp it!Wealthy Families Listen In On Bitcoin Presentation Thursday did see the cryptocurrency market

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Digital Asset Trader AlphaPoint Upgrades Security Token Services for Institutions

Digital asset exchange AlphaPoint has upgraded its security token service designed for institutional clients, according to a press release obtained by Cointelegraph Thursday, March 28.The company that provides services to private equity, real estate, funds, and other institutional investors is now offering to issue asset-backed security tokens for its

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