Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Blockchains are becoming dollarized: Now what?

It has become increasingly clear that stablecoins have become the dominant means of transaction settlement on public blockchains, at the exclusion of native cryptoassets (like Bitcoin/Ether). This wasn’t in the plan of the architects of these blockchains or their communities. On-chain data supports this observation: Stablecoins represent approximately 10% of

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Blockchain’s positive impact on sustainable development: Solana Breakpoint

Blockchain technology is having a tangible positive influence on environmental stewardship through innovative projects that are retiring carbon credits, generating staking yields to support ecological initiatives and incentivizing communities to monitor and protect natural resources.Cryptox delved into the world of regenerative economies and finance at Solana Breakpoint in Amsterdam, facilitating

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Alameda Research lost $190M to scams and ‘questionable’ blockchains: Whistleblower

FTX’s sister hedge fund, Alameda Research, lost at least $190 million of its trading funds due to arguably avoidable scams, according to a former engineer at the firm.In an Oct. 12 post to X titled “The Hacks,” former Alameda Research engineer turned whistleblower Aditya Baradwaj claims that the firm’s “breathtaking”

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