Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Data challenges the DXY correlation to Bitcoin rallies and corrections ‘thesis’

Presently, there seems to be a general assumption that when the U.S. dollar value increases against other global major currencies, as measured by the DXY index, the impact on Bitcoin (BTC) is negative.Traders and influencers have been issuing alerts about this inverse correlation, and how the eventual reversal of the

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Three Arrows Co-Founder Su Zhu Admits His Bitcoin Supercycle Price Thesis Was Regrettably Wrong

Summary: Su Zhu has admitted via Twitter that his Bitcoin supercycle thesis ‘was regrettably wrong.’ Mr. Zhu’s Bitcoin supercycle thesis had forecasted that BTC could reach $2.5 million if it took a large portion of Gold’s market share. The co-founder of Three Arrows Capital, Su Zhu, has admitted via Twitter that his Bitcoin

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Fidelity Digital Assets Quotes Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto in Latest Investment Thesis

Fidelity Digital Assets (FDA) quotes Satoshi Nakamoto in its latest investment thesis report.The thesis is part of a series of reports examining the perspectives driving interest and investment in bitcoin.FDA is affiliated with Fidelity through parent company Fidelity Management & Research (FMR). One of the largest financial services corporations

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