Friday, September 25, 2020
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Voatz Calls for Restrictions on Independent Cybersecurity Research in Supreme Court Brief

Blockchain voting startup Voatz argued that bug bounty programs concerning cybersecurity should be operated under strict supervision in a “friend of the court” brief before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Voatz weighed in Thursday on Van Buren v. United States, a Supreme Court case examining whether it is

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TikTok to Take Trump Administration to Court for Banning Its U.S. Business

TikTok has decided to file a lawsuit against the Trump administration challenging the executive order banning TikTok’s U.S. transactions. TikTok blames the Trump government for lack of due process and unwillingness to engage in a constructive solution.TikTok is all prepared to challenge the executive order by the Trump administration which

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Court Rules Bitcoin Is a Form of “Money” Under Washington D.C. Money Transmitters Act

In what comes as yet another significant assent solidifying the narrative of bitcoin (BTC) as a legitimate medium of payment, a federal court in the U.S. ruled that the premier cryptocurrency is a form of “money” covered under the Washington D.C. Money Transmitters Act (MTA). However, crypto bulls should not keep

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