Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Number of Cardano millionaires rises by 173% after ADA price hits new highs

Cardano (ADA) addresses with a balance greater than $1 million have surged 173% during the latest ADA price rally.Specifically, the ADA/USD exchange rate gained almost 200% after bottoming out at $1.007 on July 20. The pair reached its record high of $3.02 in the previous session, a move that was followed by

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The Greatest Wealth Transfer: Economists Predict the Emergence of New Bitcoin Millionaires, BTC Capturing 3% of Gold Market

The global economy has been feeling the hardships from the mandated lockdowns various nation states have implemented during the last month and a half. Oil prices have dropped below zero for the first time in history, and economic powerhouses like the U.S. are starting to show cracks in the

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