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Coin Center Donations Top $100K Worth of Dai Following Anti-Stablecoin Bill Proposal

Anti-stablecoin legislation has been a boon for donations to Coin Center, a cryptocurrency think tank and policy advocacy group, with the organization receiving over $100,000 in donations — paid out in stablecoins — two days after the bill was introduced. Cryptocurrency investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts showed strong support for the industry’s

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Akropolis DeFi protocol ‘paused’ as hackers get away with $2M in DAI

Hackers were reportedly able to exploit savings pools at Gibraltar-based decentralized finance protocol Akropolis, getting away with more than $2 million in stablecoins. The firm stated on Twitter on April 12 that it had identified a hack “executed across a body of smart contracts in the savings pools.” Akropolis said the

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Blockchain Bites: MakerDAO’s Do or Dai Moment, Bitcoin in Africa, Dollar Trends Up

MakerDAO has voted not to compensate victims of the “Black Thursday” flash crash, a former Pantera partner is launching a new crypto-focused hedge fund and bitcoin may be headed to the doldrums as the U.S. dollar rises.Top shelfDecentralized governanceMakerDAO will not compensate victims of March 12’s “Black Thursday” flash crash that left

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