Friday, December 1, 2023
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Friend.Tech User Sells 176 Keys for $1.5M Ether, Jumps Ship to New Bitcoin City

Developer @punk3700 previously told CryptoX that bitcoin’s usage in DeFi applications has so far been limited to tokenized representations of bitcoin on other chains, such as Ethereum or Solana, but that the New Bitcoin City believed a gap remained for wealthy bitcoin holders to use their assets on interactive applications. Source

Read More targeted by scammers in phishing ad campaign

A SlowMist investigation has exposed the manipulation of Google search results by phishing ads associated with, the decentralized social media platform. This has prompted increasing scrutiny of Google’s response to review inquiries as concerns about deceptive ads continue to mount. Raising concerns In the Oct. 13 post, SlowMist shares word of caution

Read More adds new security upgrade in wake of SIM-swap attacks

The team behind the decentralized social media platform has added a new security feature amid attempts to stem a flood of SIM-swap attacks targeting its users.“You can now add a 2FA password to your account for additional protection if your cell carrier or email service becomes compromised,” the team

Read More competitor Stars Arena driving on-chain boom on Avalanche

Stars Arena, a decentralized social media application, is catalyzing transaction activity on Avalanche’s C-Chain network. Launched in late September, the blockchain-based social app, inspired by, has contributed to a more than 186% rise in daily transactions on Avalanche’s C-Chain—the blockchain element tailored for smart contracts—over the last two days. Avalanche C-chain

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