Monday, May 27, 2024
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Stars Arena recovers 90% of exploited funds after onchain negotiations

Social media app Stars Arena has recovered approximately 90% of the funds it lost after being exploited, according to an October 11 announcement from the team on X (formerly Twitter). The recovery occurred after four days of on-chain negotiations, blockchain data shows. The attacker was allowed to keep slightly more

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Avalanche-based Stars Arena quells ‘coordinated FUD’ after patching exploit

The Stars Arena team has addressed a code flaw in their Avalanche-based social media platform, dismissing critics who they claim are spearheading a “coordinated FUD.” In an Oct. 5 post on X (Twitter), the Stars Arena account said the exploit, which saw attackers extract $2,000, was fixed, adding, “don’t get this

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SocialFi app Stars Arena dispels ‘coordinated FUD’ after patching ‘noob’ vulnerability

The team behind the new protocol Stars Arena has dismissed what it called “coordinated FUD” after patching an exploit that saw attackers escape with $2,000 from the Avalanche-based decentralized social media platform.In an Oct. 5 post on X (Twitter) the Stars Arena account said the exploit was fixed, adding

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