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Coronavirus Pandemic Reminds Us That Security Is Important During the Zoom Boom

Even with all the looming uncertainty surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic, system security needs to remain at the forefront of companies’ planning. Businesses around the world are shutting down under local, state or national decrees as COVID-19 fears bring caution regarding public gatherings. Unsurprisingly, hackers have used the unprecedented opportunity

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Metric that Accurately Predicted Bitcoin Boom in 2019 Flashes Again

Bitcoin may have dropped hugely after setting a yearly high near $10,500, but the small bump has not deterred it from pursuing a significant bull run towards $26,000.That is possible, according to Mayer Multiple (MM) – a popular metric that assists traders in identifying speculative bubbles and bearish exhaustion in

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This Cryptocurrency Could Boom Following Bitcoin’s Next Drop

Bitcoin has plunged by approximately 50 percent from its 2019 peak. And the cryptocurrency is hinting to continue trending downwards before the year’s close. The negative sentiment in its market, nevertheless, is benefiting rival cryptocurrencies.That is particularly true for XTZ, the native asset of Tezos, a proof-of-stake blockchain project whose market

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