Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Tron Discloses Critical Vulnerability Which Could Have Crashed Its Blockchain

The Tron Foundation disclosed a fixed critical vulnerability which could have crashed its blockchain on vulnerability disclosure platform HackerOne on May 2.The disclosure explains that with enough malicious requests, an attacker could have filled up all the available memory and effectively perform a Distributed Denial of Service attack on

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Tron’s Super Amazing Blockchain Risked Being Crashed by a Single PC

By CCN: According to The Next Web and explosive data from HackerOne, a security bounty website, a single computer could have shut down the Tron network by draining the cryptocurrency network’s resources.Bytecode Attack Threatened to Bring Tron to Its KneesWe could dub the vulnerability a “bytecode” attack. The method involves

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Mt. Gox Trustee May Have Crashed Bitcoin in 2018 by Dumping It on an Exchange, but There is Still Hope

The now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox reportedly liquidated around $312 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) throughout February and June of 2018 through a Japanese exchange called BitPoint.GoxDox, an organization that was established to assist Mt. Gox creditors, released a photograph of a bank account statement on February 5 showing the

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