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Craig Wright Challenges Court Order Requiring Him to Pay 500K Bitcoin

Self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin (BTC) Craig Wright wants to challenge a recent court order requiring him to pay 500,000 Bitcoins to the Kleiman estate.Reinhardt did not have power to enter the order, Wright saysOn Aug. 30, Wright’s attorney Andres Rivero filed a document with the United States District Court

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Bitcoin SV Leads Intraday Recovery Despite Craig Wright’s Billions Blow

Bitcoin SV is up over 5 percent on Friday's trading, leading a stuttering crypto market recovery. | Source: Shutterstock Bitcoin SV (BSV) is delivering better returns than rival assets this Friday even after its founder Craig Wright’s embarrassing loss in a recent courtroom battle. As of 11:00 GMT, the BSV-to-dollar exchange rate

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Craig Wright Ordered to pay $5 Billion in Bitcoin and Fifty-Percent of his Intellectual Property to Kleinman Estate

The court drama has finally come to an end with Magistrate Bruce Reinhart recommending that Wright must pay 5 billion dollars to Kleiman’s estate as well as give up half of his intellectual property held before December 31, 2013. Details of the case have not been published for the public

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