Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Bulgarian Businessman Loses Half a Million Dollars to Call Center Crypto Fraud – Bitcoin News

A Bulgarian investor has lost a large amount of money to fraudsters who convinced him he was putting cash into cryptocurrency. The scam operated through a call center in what is becoming an established scheme for extracting money from victims lured with promises of quick profits on stock and crypto

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Argentine Peso Loses Almost 12% Against the Greenback During January; Inflation Projected to Rise Sharply – Economics Bitcoin News

The Argentine peso has fallen consistently against the U.S. dollar this month, losing almost 12% since Jan. 1. The behavior of the exchange rate for the informal “blue” dollar keeps bringing concerns about a possible escalade in inflation rates, that are predicted to reach almost 100% this year, similar to

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NFT influencer falls victim to cyberattack, loses $300K+ CryptoPunks

Nonfungible token (NFT) influencer CryptoNovo announced on Jan. 4 that he fell victim to a cyberattack and lost two CryptoPunks. He wrote on Twitter, “I just got hacked!!! Are you kidding me!?!” and included a screenshot from OpenSea showing two CryptoPunks being transferred to another address.I just got hacked!!! Are

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