Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Craig Wright’s Financial Disclosure Form in $143M Court Case Was Incomplete

"At oral argument, Dr. Wright’s counsel conceded that the March 30 version of the Form omitted required information,” the document reads. “That version of the Form did not include (among other things) his employer’s address, any information about his spouse, and information about whether he had bank accounts.” Source

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Bitcoin Developers Push Back Against Craig Wright’s Claim to Billions of Dollars in Bitcoin

Lawyers for 12 developers told the UK High Court that the company, Tulip Trading, never owned the 111,000 bitcoin it is trying to claim. The company, the developers allege, has “fabricated” documents to prove ownership of the tokens and fraudulently gain control over the funds. The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund,

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UK Law Commission report challenges Craig Wright’s suit against Bitcoin developers

A recent report released by the United Kingdom’s Law Commission could weaken a central argument brought by Craig Wright in his controversial lawsuit against 12 Bitcoin core developers, argues the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund (BLDF).In a 300-page report on digital assets published in late June, the Law Commission — an independent body

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