Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Republican commissioner says SEC should consider proposing rules to regulate crypto

SEC Commissioner Mark Uyeda calls for the development of clear regulations for cryptocurrencies, critiquing the SEC’s current enforcement-focused approach as inadequate for legal precedent and market stability. In comments made on Nov. 6, SEC Commissioner Mark Uyeda highlighted a pressing need for the Securities and Exchange Commission to pivot towards proposing

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Ex-FTX Unit LedgerX in Gray Area Beyond U.S. CFTC Proposal on Customer Funds: Commissioner

Friday's proposal, which details how regulated firms must only put customer assets into an expanded list of the most liquid of investments, doesn't consider "the context of a non-intermediated clearing model where the DCO offers direct client access to its clearing services, without the FCM as an intermediary," said CFTC

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Voyager Digital was ‘no better than a house of cards’ — CFTC commissioner

A commissioner for the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has slammed Voyager Digital for its mistakes that eventually led to the loss of billions of dollars of customer funds.Statement of @CFTCjohnson regarding @cftc's charges against Voyager's chief executive officer. Learn more:— CFTC (@CFTC) October 12, 2023 In an

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