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Buying Bitcoin (BTC) Is Investing and Saving for Retirement

When talking about retirement investments, people usually focus on stocks. However, Bitcoin is proving to be a better retirement investment asset, even ahead of stocks, commodities, and other traditional investment vehicles. BTC Perception Is Improving Bitcoin’s popularity continues to grow all over the globe, despite the current bear cycle still keeping prices down. A research carried out

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Top Banks Alleged to Be Investing $50 Million in Digital Cash Settlement Project

Sources ostensibly familiar with the matter have claimed that some of the world’s leading banks are currently investing around $50 million to build a blockchain-powered digital cash system for transaction settlement. The news was reported by Reuters on May 17.An earlier project for a blockchain-based currency settlement coin was

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SBI Holdings: Ripple-Powered MoneyTap Receives Investing from 13 Leading Banks

Ripple is receiving investments from 13 banks into its MoneyTap App, which handles money transfers between banks as well as between individuals via smartphones. The app does not use XRP, but employs xCurrent for powering payments.It seems that the crypto community is no longer surprised by Ripple‘s efforts to promote

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