Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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CasperLabs Raises $14M From Launch-Day Node Runners

Blockchain startup CasperLabs has banked $14 million from investors who pledged to secure its proof-of-stake Casper network at launch.CasperLabs CEO Mrinal Manohar confirmed the private CLX token presale to CryptoX and further revealed that Digital Strategies had led the investment, with headline participation from HashKey Capital and Blockchange Ventures, as

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Prospective Node Operators Stake $125M in ETH to Participate in NuCypher Encryption Network

Encryption startup NuCypher has finished distributing its network’s native token, NU, to over 2,000 prospective node operators who staked more than $125 million worth of ether (ETH) during the month of September. NuCypher’s system will hit Ethereum’s mainnet on Oct. 15.Primarily marketed as a solution for developers building decentralized applications

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Russia’s Blockchain Based E-Vote System Suffers Node Attack

Russia’s blockchain-based voting system for the constitutional amendments has reportedly been attacked via an election observer’s node. As reported by state-owned news agency TASS, the attack occurred on June 27 around 8 PM CET. A government of Moscow representative told TASS that the attack did not cause a system malfunction, meaning

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